October Update

This site has been on somewhat of a hiatus as I’ve been focusing on coursework, Top Notch, and Love in the Ruins. I also recently decided to delete almost all of my social media accounts after realizing a lot of those services aren’t really for me. So part of this post is to say, hey, I haven’t completed disappeared from the internet! And the time has been spent getting a lot done! Also, this site no longer crossposts to my Google+ profile, but it does now crosspost to my (nsfw) Tumblr. (Tumblr is pretty much the only social media I still use.)

I’ve finished the first draft of Love in the Ruins, and have put it through extensive editing. I also edited Top Notch, and had fun filling in more character detail. Unfortunately there’s still a lot of work left to be done on Love in the Ruins, and I need to step away from it for a while. My mind hasn’t had a break in a long time and it’s affected my ability to think and write. Sorry to everyone who’s looking forward to it. I want to do Blaine and Andrew’s story justice, and don’t want anything getting in the way of that. I’ll post another update in January.

Driven released today!

Driven is officially available in digital and print! Honestly, I can’t believe it’s already December, let alone that I’m releasing my third book. I’m glad I finally get to share this story with you all!

Fantastic Fiction Ebook / Print
Amazon Kindle

There’s also a release party this Thursday, 10 December, from 5PM – 7PM PST (8PM – 10PM EST). There’ll be teasers and a chance to win a free ebook copy of Driven. Anyone 18+ is free to join, so come say hi if you have time.

Driven – Cover Reveal, Excerpt, and Pre-order Link

The cover for my next upcoming book, Driven, was revealed at the release party for Love is for the Living last night, and today it’s all official~

It’s muchly pretty so be sure to have a look. Sinfully…Addicted to All Male Romance has it up here and KathyMac Reviews also posted it, along with an excerpt.

Driven is now available for pre-order from Fantastic Fiction Publishing.

Love is for the Living – Cover Reveal and Pre-order Links

Happy Wednesday all. I’m so excited to announce that the cover for my next book, Love is for the Living, has finally been revealed! Much thanks to the folks who designed and created this lovely thing. Go check it out at Sinfully…Addicted to All Male Romance.


Agony Tate also hosted a cover reveal at her blog, along with an advance review of the book! So if you were wondering what’s been said about it so far or want some idea of what to expect, be sure to go have a look.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Besides the book’s page on this site, a summary and excerpt are available at ForbiddenFiction, along with book and content information. (I’ll tell you right now the most extreme thing as far as content goes is probably violence/gore, but I mean, zombie apocalypse, duh.)

You can pre-order Love is for the Living at Fantastic Fiction Publishing, AllRomance, Smashwords, or Amazon now! It’ll be released October 13, 2015, just in time for your Halloween reading.

Behind Locked Doors is here!

Welp, it’s that day. So pleased to finally announce that Behind Locked Doors is officially out and available for immediate purchase! Get it at any of the following sites if you please:

Fantastic Fiction Ebook / Print
Amazon Kindle / Print
Barnes & Noble


4/5 hearts from Boy Meets Boy Reviews

5/5 stars from Prism Book Alliance

4/5 stars from Sinfully…Addicted to All Male Romance

Endless thanks and appreciation to those who took the time to review!

Release Party – Behind Locked Doors

behind locked doors release party

There’s a release party happening in the Fantastic Fiction chatroom on Thursday, February 19th at 5-7pm PST / 8-10pm EST. We’ll be celebrating the release of my first novel Behind Locked Doors, so come hang out with us and talk about my book or ask me questions.

Teasers from the book and some of my other upcoming works? Quite possibly. Free ebook giveaway to a random participant? Yep. Drinks? …Only if you bring your own. (I’m still under the legal age limit so I’ll, uh, figure something out.) It’s a public chatroom, so absolutely anyone and everyone (18 or older) is able to join us. Don’t be afraid to just pop in and say hello🙂

Event details are on Facebook as well, where you can RSVP if you so choose. I’d love to see who’s able to make it!

Behind Locked Doors – Cover Reveal, Giveaways, Excerpts, and Pre-Order Links

It’s been a busy day, and I don’t just mean with promotions (it’s FAFSA season *groan*). So here’s the cover for Behind Locked Doors at last! Cover artist and designer both did a great job on this, and I can’t thank them enough. My first thought when I saw these characters brought to life? “The artist imagined them as hotter than I did.” I’m in love with this and am glad that others like it, too. Much thanks to everyone who helped share the news today!

There’s a few places you can check out the cover, and the first is at Sinfully…Addicted to All Male Romance. They’re also running a giveaway for 4 more days, so enter for a chance to win a free e-copy of the book when it comes out February 17th.

10354962_10102472817116524_7249860059425921314_nNext up is another chance to win over at Prism Book Alliance, where their giveaway ends 7 days from now. There’s also a new excerpt from the book so be sure to go have a look!

lovebytesreviewsLast but not least, one more reveal and giveaway at Love Bytes Reviews, which ends in 5 days. That’s three chances to win a copy before the book even comes out!

You can pre-order Behind Locked Doors at Fantastic Fiction Publishing, AllRomance, Smashwords, or Amazon now! And of course, feel free to ask me anything at any time using any of the methods on my contact page, or even in the comments of this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Excerpt from Behind Locked Doors

An excerpt from Behind Locked Doors (to be released this upcoming February) is now available! It’s a brief interaction between the main characters, Edward Taylor and Isaac Sinclair. Edward goes to visit his Dom in the middle of the night because he just can’t stay away…

You can read the short excerpt on Forbidden Fiction’s website here.